Why Does USA Have So Many Power Outages?


A report suggested that across the USA an average American loses power about one or two times a year. In 2020 America witnessed 8 hours of power outages. Power interruption in USA more than doubled compared to the last five years. Power outages cost USA economy $150 billion every year. Let’s find out why does USA have so many power outages from the below article.

Why Does USA Facing Electricity Outages

Power outages in the USA are getting worse because of the old power grid and last century transmission system. In the current situation blackouts in USA are increasing due to massive weather changes which the old aged transmission system can hardly bear.

The average life span of transformers stands between 25 to 40 years and the transmission line’s span is 25 years. In USA 75% of the power transformer and power transmission lines are aged more than 25 years.

Recently, power outages due to weather-related issues increased by 67% between 2000 to 2019. According to a report, 96% of Americans lost power because of natural disasters and bad weather.

Climate is changing rapidly nowadays but the weather department relies on past, decades-long weather data. Essential commodities like electricity can not rely on past weather data with old electric systems.

Electric development systems in the USA are divided between state and federal governments and it is the main obstacle in modernizing the grid and building out modern infrastructure. Out of the $12.68 billion grid-modernization investment under consideration administrator only approved $478.7(Only 3.72%)million during the second quarter of 2022. Also modernizing the grid needs acres of land. And most of the time administration bodies try to acquire rural community’s land for those massive projects.

Power construction company Marsh McLennan estimated that 140,000 miles of electric transmission lines will have to be replaced before 2050 which will cost around $700 billion alone. But what is more important than an investment is that that money should be spent carefully, rather than throwing money. Currently, industry workers are more eager to rebuild the grid of the last centuries rather than working on a larger network of old-aged complex electric systems.

Solution Of Power Outages In USA

Improving the aging power grid and electric transmission lines is achievable if it is done with proper planning.

Energy efficiency could be a good step to saving more energy. Energy efficiency helps to envelope cold air in summer and provide hot air in winter. If people of USA started investing more on energy-efficient products it helps to demand down of electricity especially in summer when people use air conditioning, fans.

Renewable energy(Solar, Wind, Water) could be a good alternative to power outages. It is also environmentally friendly and can be used as a great source of domestic energy across USA.

A report shows that America is slowly and steadily moving toward renewable energy. Usage of renewable energy was 427 billion kilowatt hours in 2010, after a decade in 2021 number doubled, and stands at 826 billion kilowatt hours. The government of America has taken the initiative that by 2035 America will be using 100% renewable energy.

Government should also integrate a system that helps to provide electricity when the sun is not rising due to rainy weather or wind is not blowing. Using hydrogen could be a good integrating technology, also connecting large batteries with renewable energy panels also helps.

Scientists developed a new nuclear technology called Small Modular Reactors(SMR) which could be enough to provide an integrating resource for renewable energy. Encouraging the invention of new technologies could help to reduce outages.

Policymakers should figure out how new innovations are possible in this industry, and how more companies show interest to invest. We should try to build systems for 21 St century not for the last century.

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