Why Americans Eat So Much Cheese?


People in the USA love to eat cheese. In the dairy product category over the last half-century, we have seen the growth of yogurt and cheese but consumption of yogurt is still a small number compared to cheese. In this article, we are going to find out why should get info about Why Americans Eat So Much Cheese.

Why People Of the USA Love Cheese

According to Cheese historian Paul Kindstedt popularity of cheese in the United States of America rises from 1970 when restaurants, food chains like domino’s, McDonald and food delivery services started to grow. In 1970 there is only one type of cheese that gained popularity which was Mozzarella. In 1970 people in the United States of America started eating 1.19 pounds of mozzarella per person and in 2020 the number increased to 12.30 pounds per person, making it the most popular single variety of cheese in America. One of the reasons for the popularity of mozzarella is its usage in Pizza. Pizza companies use 25% of the ingredient as Mozzarella Cheese.

Another fast food that gained popularity in the USA in the middle of the 20th century is rich in cheese called hamburgers.     

The history of popularity among the cheese of American will be incomplete without American Cheese. Yellow-orange sliced American cheese is used inside Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, cheeseburgers, and Tuna Melts. American cheese is made by mixing other ingredients with cheese, the ingredients which increase the shelf life and smoothness of the cheese.

Some groups of American food scientists started working on American Cheese production. But in 1916 Canadian-born American businessman James Lewis Kraft patented the process of making American cheese and became the best brand of American cheese.

Ingredient Of Most Popular American Cheese

Kraft cheese singles are made of whey, milk, cheddar cheese, milk fat, sodium citrate, milk protein concentrate, calcium phosphate, modified food starch, salt, whey protein concentrate, lactic acid, annatto, and paprika extract(for color), natamycin, vitamin D3, cheese culture, and enzymes. Later American cheese was used as a staple ingredient in cheeseburgers and served not only all around America but also around the globe by fast food giants, especially Mcdonald’s.

Fall and Rise Of Processed Cheese

But studies show that processed cheese lost popularity over the last two decades or so. In 1995 American citizens consumed 8.7 pounds of cheese, the number comes down in 2018 to 7.5 pounds, an 18% decrease in sales. Some food experts termed processed food unhealthy. Another reason for falling in processed cheese is nowadays technology for packaging normal cheese has improved tremendously.

But after the pandemic process cheese has seen a bit resurgence of interest among people in the last four-five year. During a pandemic, everybody at home wants products that have longer self-life, products that are inside the can. Kraft told that they doubled their sale during a pandemic.   

Reasons OF Popularity Of Cheese Among American

Restaurant And Grocery

Restaurants and grocery stores, shopping malls are largely behind the popularity of cheese in the USA. Stores are stocking greater varieties of cheese which are easier for customers to add to their daily diet. Excessive advertising through billboards, digital media, and eye-catching packaging plays a vital role in the popularity of cheese. Earlier cheese was sold in grocery stores in blocks, but over the few decades, companies started packaging those cheese and marketed it as a new category to customers.

In 1990 companies started selling shredded cheese in packets. Currently, shredded cheese is the biggest seller of natural cheese. The entire cheese category business is valued between 17-18 billion dollars, where shredded cheese captured one-third of the total valuation.

Variety In Sale

Cheese companies sell various types of cheese in the market. Pre-sliced natural cheese is sold in wooden packs called shingled packs because they resemble the shingle found on roofs. Cheese is cut in various shapes, sold in the cube kibble shape, sticks, and other snack shape.

A brand called Babybel sells cheese in small wax-coated wheels. Some brands like Sargento, and Oscar Mayer sells snack packs with cheese meat, dry fruits, nuts, and chocolate. Some companies promote cheese as a protein source.   

To Beat the Competition

Cheesemakers infuse the cheese in different flavors such as infused coffee, and infused wine, and also experiment with different feeds for dairy cattle. To beat the competition cheese makers introduce unique marketing and branding strategies.                       

Every year competition in Cheese making is held around various parts of the world where thousands of cheesemakers join to compete for recognition as the best. European continents countries are among the biggest consumer of cheese around the world. All top ten cheese-eating countries in the world are from the Europe continent. Denmark leads the tally with 28kg per capita followed by Iceland(27.7), and Finland(27.3)while the USA stands on 17 kg per capita. If America’s appetite for cheese continues to grow at the current rate near future the country can be counted among the top cheese consumer in the world.

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