Snacking in America: Americans Are Eating More Snacks Than Ever


Americans are eating more snacks than they ever have before. In 2015, the average person consumed 156 pounds of snacks per year. This increased to 170 pounds in 2016, when Americans spent $34 billion on snacks, and $19 billion of this was on “non-traditional” snack foods like chips and candy bars.

The reasons for this increase in snacking could be related to the fact that there are more opportunities for snacking now than ever before. People can stop at a fast-food restaurant or convenience store for a snack, as well as eat at home with easy access to junk food.

Below are the reasons why Americans are eating more snacks than ever.

Eating Snacks at Night

Snacking at night is a common practice in the USA, and if you are wondering why, you might want to take a look at the statistics. There are a lot of factors that lead to this data result, but one of the most important ones is that Americans usually have dinner at night.

Since dinner is eaten later in the evening, people get hungry and snack before they go to bed. The size of dinner has grown smaller as well, which can result in people wanting more during the day.

Fond of Snacking

The new generation of Americans are not only eating more snacks but they are also eating them randomly throughout the day.

Americans are now snacking on the go which is contributing to the rise of obesity and other health issues.

Americans are known for their appetite and love for snacks. American food is available 24/7 and Americans are consuming more snacks enriched with sugar and salt become rather than healthy meals. The most popular snacks are geared toward children – candies, chips, ice cream etc.

The total snacking time has been growing every year. In the past, people would eat 3 or 4 times a day. Nowadays, the average person eats 8-10 times per day with two-thirds done via snacking foods (mostly salty).

Snacking in the US has grown rapidly, people taking at least a single snack a day have increased from 56% to 90%.                                 

Covid Effect

During the Covid period, people were stuck at home, which also increases the habit of Snacking. Fritolay, the largest snack food maker in the USA market reveals a 5% increase in their total revenue in 2021. Also, a survey suggested that people are snacking 40% more compared to pre covid era.             

In 2020 according to a study by Mondelez International 58% of people said that taking Snacks is their new normal thing in life after the pandemic and 88% of people stated that Covid-19 entices them to eat more snacks.24%        

Heavy Marketing of Snacking Products

Snack makers companies like Fritolay and Kellogg’s advertise their products randomly through Bill boards, Tv Ads, and Social Media. According to science, if anything is displayed more than 16 times in front of people they feel curious about it.

Nowadays companies can display their products in every medium to increase their brand awareness. Also, Companies are using people’s favorite Influencers (Singers, Sports person, Actors) to promote their products.                                  

Big brands like Fritolay, Mondelez, and Kellogg’s saw a surge in sales.

Fritolay noticed 6.7 percent higher sales in 2020 compared to the previous year. Sales of snacks in North America touched 133 Billion dollars in 2020,7 percent higher than in 2019.

Kellogs saw growth of 3.3 percent touching  4.4 billion dollars in sales.

Mondelez saw its net revenue increase by almost 2.8 percent. 

A study also reveals that Americans not only snacking unhealthy diets. An article published in the Journal of Obesity stated that 50 percent of Americans started eating healthy while snacking e.g Vegetables, fruits, and healthy snacks.

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