Student Debt In USA: A Big Problem

Why Student Debt In USA Currently a Big Problem

In 1958 Us Government was allowed to borrow money from college for higher studies. But ad lib access to student loans has put a large number of borrowers in debt. People of the United States shouted to cancel the student’s loan and termed this as a ‘failed policy’.Let’s find out Why is student debt a … Read more

Pennsylvania Graduate Received 1.8 million Scholarship,57 College Offers; Shares Pro Advice For Others

Pennsylvania Graduate Received 1.8 million Scholarship

Sidni Smith, a Pennsylvania student from East Stroudsburg high school currently received 1.8 million as a scholarship and was offered from 57 colleges and universities. Sidni who turned 17 this year said that she always wanted to be debt-free out of college so she was looking for a school with the best scholarship. The recent … Read more