Being a Mechanic In USA Hard On Your Body


Data from Auto industry analysts indicate that customers have to wait at least one day to get their car serviced in the USA. This is happening when the inflation rate in the USA is worse after 1981, the average age of cars in the USA is 12 years, and the prices of new or used cars hiking every day.  Where Americans are struggling with daily expenses due to high prices, buying another car is out of the question for many. Auto dealers are complaining about the auto technician shortage in the USA. Let’s find out if being a mechanic in USA is hard on your body.

Shortage Of Auto Mechanics

Every car dealer currently facing a shortage of Auto technicians in every part of the USA. In the car dealership business, half of the revenue comes from car servicing, repairing, and parts selling. The shortage of auto technicians in most car repair stations creates havoc because those repair shops don’t sell cars, they completely rely on repairing. 

Let’s find out some of the probable reason of why does no one want to be an auto mechanic in the USA in 2022.

Change In Automobile Technology

Currently, the auto industry undergoing the biggest change in history. From the beginning of the industry vast majority of cars used to run on petrol and diesel. But the scene suddenly started changing. Slowly but steadily people started moving toward the Electric Vehicle. To repair, and service those Electric Cars required a new setup and new technology which is more computer oriented. Experienced veteran auto technicians are currently not compatible with those new technologies. Some technicians stated that ‘Being a mechanic in USA is hard on your body’.   

Shifting Industry

National Automobile Dealer Association(NADA) stated that each year 37000 auto mechanics are leaving their job. They are shifting to other high-paying industries. Usually, customers have to wait 3 days for a car service but currently according to the data of a customer service index study they have to wait at least 5 days. Some auto brands are taking more than a week to provide service.   

Low Payment

Auto technicians who left the job pointed out that there is no labor shortage, it’s always a pay shortage. The flat payment rate is one of the reasons for the shortage of auto technicians in the USA. Data provided by the bureau of labor statistics pointed out that the average annual payment per auto technician in the USA is almost $48000.Also, there is no extra benefit like personal insurance or holidays. There will be no shortage of auto technicians if dealers pay properly instead of turning their shop into a five-star hotel lobby.   


Auto technicians have to work the late shift, sometimes six days straight, and work on weekends also and at weekends. After working in the industry for more than decades veteran technicians feel a lack of appreciation, lack of respect. They are discouraging their sons, and grandsons to join the auto industry.  


Auto dealers must ensure a minimum guarantee of payment. Payment should be similar to other jobs which encourage younger people to pursue auto technician as a career. Other benefits like insurance and better work environments may fix the current shortage. 

Auto dealers should educate other industry workers which are paid less such as waiters working in hotels or pubs to enter the auto industry which can help to solve the technician problem.             

Due to delays in car service, repair shortage of auto technicians can hurt the reputation of big brands like Ford, and Bentley. Currently, big auto companies taking the initiative to provide scholarships to technicians to fulfill the shortage.   

The industry is changing rapidly from gasoline to electric vehicle cars, which needs new technology, and new tools which are different and costly. Companies should launch free training or at an affordable rate to educate technicians.  

Auto technicians have to buy tools from their pockets which are costly. Companies should provide tools free of cost which encourages more auto technicians to enter the industry.

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